Guymon, OK Aircraft Share, Guymon Airplane Rentals (SMA) is fundamentally changing the way pilots OWN and ACCESS general aviation aircraft by making it easy for an owner to share their plane with other like-minded highly-qualified pilots, earning them valuable dollars and changing the airplane ownership equation;

Are you a Pilot in Guymon, OK?

By making it easy for pilots to find their perfect equity partnership and fly their perfect aircraft, SHARING all the expenses and reducing the cost of general aviation flying for all! Sharing an aircraft, IT JUST MAKES SENSE!


Why Us in Guymon, OK?

For aircraft owners, (SMA) will get you the most exposure for your aircraft allowing you to post details, pictures and videos (from a desktop, tablet or smartphone) and pre-filling all the standard information based on your tail number! It’s pretty cool!


For pilots looking for an aircraft share, SMA allows you to search by aircraft make/model, year, hourly rate and more – almost any criteria, and since we know exactly where you are, finding your perfect share is easier than ever! Sharing an aircraft, IT JUST MAKES SENSE!


Airplane Rentals in Guymon, OK